29. season of international volunteer camps has started

Still thinking of spending the holiday with parents or friends? But something tells you that you deserve this summer to be unic. So, let it be.

Do you know where you can meet some guy from Manchester in whose place you can stay at when you get visa for UK? Or Japanese guy who you would contact when you decide to travel to eastern countries? Let me tell you! On international volunteer camps. International volunteer camps are places for gathering enthusiastic volunteers from all over the world, who during period of 2 weeks give their contribution to some of the local community. You get to choose whether you will participate in organising local music festival or sports tournament, tidying up beaches, renovating country school or helping newborn turtles find their way to the ocean. There are more then 2000 various camps, and you get to choose where to participate.

Unlike touristic travels, camps will help you to upgrade your skills and knowledge, with every contact with locals you get to learn about culture differences and make new friends from all over the world who will volunteer together with you. Although you are on the camp that doesn’t need you are going to sleep in a tent (you can if you want) or that you are going to cook your lunch on the bonfire. Accommodation and food depend upon the camp organisators, so they can vary upon the camp you choose.

Young researchers are inviting you to join in international volunteer camps, you can do it if you click on the website

When talking about international camps in Serbia we beg for your patience , they will be ready till May for foreign visitors to apply for participation.

Almost 3000 camps are held yearly. Volunteers of Serbia’s young researchers – Serbia’s volunteering service, have the opportunity to travel to more than 80 countries 29th year in a row. Join them.

Volunteer camps gather girl and boy volunteers who want to contribute improvement of life in community doing non-profitable jobs.

Jobs include:

  • Manual labour (MANU/RENO/CONS/AGRI)
  • Ecologic work (ENVI)
  • Working with kids (KIDS) or disabled people (DISA)
  • Archeology camps (ARCH)
  • Animal care (ZOO/ANIM)
  • Sociology and education camps (CULT/SOCI/EDU/STUD)

During 2 or 3 weeks they spend together at some international camp volunteers, beside volunteering, get new skills, develope their volunteer attitude, active relation towards surrounding society and also make long-lasting friendships.

If you still have some confusions and want to hear from other volunteer’s experiences join the Facebook group.
You can follow Serbia’s young researchers on Instagram. Only online application and buying a travel ticket stand between you and this incredible experience. Thinking about paying off? It definitely does!

You can apply for participation on the Serbia’s young researchers website, where you can find a form you need to fill in, also list and description of the camps you can visit. After applying you need to sign the application. As we are MIS contact point you can do that in our office in Zaječar, Generala Gambete street, number 44, on the 8th floor, every work day from 10 to 15 hours, or you can contact us on phone number 069/4441091 or email zavolontiraj@toc.rs

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