Panel discussion “Deadly Journalism – Information, Citizens / Consumers, Age After the Truth” – on Monday in Zajecar

On Monday, September 18th in Zaječar, a discussion will be held on the topic of “Deadly Journalism – Informing, Citizens / Consumers, the Age After Truth” at the Youth Center in Zajecar (7th September Street Nº2). Panel discussion starts at 18:00 CET.
The moderator of the conversation will be Vojislav Stevanovic, an economic journalist. The interlocutors are Stevan Dojcinovic, editor of KRIK; Sasa Dragojlo, Insider journalist; Vladan Radosavljevic, media analyst; Suzana Trnanić, journalist, author and editor of “Kažiprst”; Dusan Vojvodic, journalist and co-owner of T1 Television.

Announcer of this tribune is Brankica Stankovic, journalist and production editor of the TV show Insider.

The topics to be discussed in Zaječar are: the language of new media; how the speed that is synonymous with the Internet strengthens and how it violates the principles of journalism; how to efficiently use digital tools for quality information; journalist as a mobile editor; the future of journalism in the post-truth period.

“Deadly Journalism – Information, Citizens / Consumers, the Age After Truth” will be the latest in a series of ten conversations organized by IP Clio and the New Optimism Movement, called Media and New Optimism – marking the twenty years of the Multimedia edition. The discussions have so far been implemented in Novi Sad, Nis, Novi Pazar, Subotica, Uzice, Kragujevac, Sabac and Bor.

This year marks 20 years of presence of Multimedia, IP Clio, in the professional and general public. Recently, at the 23rd International Book Fair in Novi Sad, the acknowledgement was presented in the series of awards – the Charter of the Novi Sad Fair for the 20th anniversary of successful activity – which is the fourth recognition of the current editorial concept and activities.

The intention of the organizer is to mark this anniversary in Serbia with its long-standing partners and associates. A series of interviews called “Media and New Optimism” aims to open a public debate on the social status and influence of contemporary media, media culture, the professional position of journalists. This continues with two weeks of incentives to media workers to actively advocate for education and advancement of the profession. The daily paper Danas as the Beta agency also mark two decades of operation. These two prominent, relevant and irreplaceable sources of information and critical thinking will also include debriefing debates that will be implemented in ten Serbian cities.

During the first debate in Novi Sad, “Media literacy and media culture”, the initiative for writing the Declaration on Media Literacy was launched, which was signed later on. The ten-point declaration highlighted the requirements and recommendations to the competent authorities for a clearer and more efficient determination of state policy in the field of media literacy. The Independent Society of Journalists of Vojvodina, IP Clio and the New Optimism Movement were the first signatories of the declaration.

In moments marked by media restriction, at a time when the situation in the media is considered alarming, and the censorship suppresses voices different from the dominant ones, where the tabloid press becomes the source of (un)verified information, and where the skill of media manipulation has become the mandatory skill of state officials, the question is “What now?” and “Where to?“. Could it continue down the media terror path, looking in the dark for a few lighthouses – or should new solutions be sought, new approaches to finding freedom of speech, opinion, information? This and many other issues are getting more and more on their actuality. In order to find the answer, it is necessary to initiate dialogues, confront the attitudes, and critically approach the problem. For over twenty years Multimedia has maintained a tradition of asking questions and finding the answers; dedicated to the professional and general public, it is actively involved in the spread of media literacy and culture. “New Optimism” recognized it as one of those rare lighthouses that does not go out – that should not be extinguished! This is why we move together creating a Library of the New Optimism.

When it comes to topics that will be discussed in the debate “Deadly Journalism – Informing, Citizens / Consumers, the Age After Truth”, from the New Optimism Library we highlight:

Stanko Crnobrnja: “Aesthetics of Television and New Media”, Joseph Turow: “Media Today I and II”, Aleksandar Luj Todorović: “Interactive Television”, Miroljub Radojković, Branimir Stojković: “Information Communication Systems”, Daphne Lemish: “Children and Television”.

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