Ivan Zivkovic

He is born in 1986 in Zajecar where he finished elementary and high school. He was a peer educator for reproductive health prevention in the Youth Counseling Service that operated at that time, and during one 1st December campaign volunteer of Youth of JAZAS Zajecar. A good part of his childhood school vacations he spends in a village near Zajecar where he learned a lot about work, endurance and agriculture.

He graduated from Technical faculty in Bor, IT engineering, probably because of this he loves gadgets, Internet, websites, various services and social media. During the studies he gains knowledge, experience and friends. With colleagues from Association of students on Technical faculty in Bor (ASTFB) and Resource Centre Bor started several initiatives, developed and realized several projects of local impact, started web portal studiram.info, student magazine Strec; and few other student activities.

It’s not hard for him that because of the new knowledge, skills and socializing to travels often to take part in various workshops, training, seminars, conferences and similar occasions, both as participant or trainer. He is not afraid of camera and mike and most often you can see him or hear him. He likes to read and write but he admits that do that less frequently. He follows the daily news from politics, sport, and technology. He loves nature, music, and food.