12Dec 2013

Twenty young people from Zaječar visited International youth Enterpreneurship Marketplace 2013 in Sofia, Bulgaria, as a part of “Youth Career Development, Employment, Entrepreneurship Networking and Transfer” project activities. Young entrepreneurs from Zaječar visited Coworking space – a space that involves a shared working environment and independent activity in casual surroundings with frequent use of laptops […]

21Nov 2013

On November 20th 2013, further activities of “Youth Career Development, Employment, Entrepreneurship Networking and Transfer” project were continued in the City of Zaječar. After a three day training held at the end of October 2013 in Vidin, which was participated by 40 young people with tendency towards entrepreneurship from Zaječar and Vidin, currently undergoing are […]

30Oct 2013

Forty young people from Zajecar and Vidin, were trained in starting their own business. Last weekend October 25th to 27th 2013, they passed through a three-day training for young entrepreneurs in Vidin. Young people with entrepreneurial ideas have been informed and learned useful things about the entrepreneurship, which they need for sailing in the water […]

14Oct 2013

Timok Youth Center – TOC invites all young people from Zaječar County to apply for participation in “Youth Career Development, Employment, Entrepreneurship Networking and Transfer” project. The main goal of the project is to improve Youth career guidance, promote Youth entrepreneurship and advancement of cross-border cooperation of young people through educative and business sectors. Twenty […]

11Sep 2013

After a long while, Zaječar hosted another summer “Games without Frontiers” on City Pool, as well as the first ever “Silent party”. Games without Frontiers that had to be postponed due to the poor weather conditions, were held on Sunday, September 1st 2013 at the venue of City Pool on Park Forrest Kraljevica. Four of […]

11Sep 2013

City Hall of Zaječar hosted on September 7th and 8th 2013 the training as a part of “Greater options for more employment opportunities” project, which is implemented by Serbian National Youth Umbrella Organization in partnerships with local Youth organizations, Local Youth Office of the City of Zaječar and Timok Youth Center – with the support […]

05Sep 2013

Guerilla Recording

September 5, 2013 TOCen

Civil society organization Alter Art from Travnik (BiH) and Timok Youth Center implemented activities of Guerilla Recording project – as a part of E761 program. Activities were conducted on August 25th in Zaječar in Youth Center venue. Activities included audio recording of the songs of local demo bands and production of a documentary about the […]

07Aug 2013

As a part of the supporting program of the 47th Gitarijada in Zaječar, Irish Pub Rivendell hosted “Gitarijada Free Zone” program, which included panel discussion entitled “Rock against Hate Speech” – on the third day of the festival, 3rd August 2013. The cause for this panel discussion was global campaign of Council of Europe entitled […]

26Jul 2013

Timok Youth Center volunteers were in work visit to Romania from July 8th to 18th 2013. Youth exchange established as cooperation of Association Act Integration from Drobeta Turnu Severin and Timok Youth Center from Zaječar, as a part of Eyouthocracy project. The project was financed by European Commission as a part of Youth in Action […]

10Jul 2013

Training workshop for project writing and management cycle was conducted in period from June 28th to 30th 2013 in Hotel “Kastrum” in Gamzigrad Spa. The training was je organized for representatives of Youth organizations and informal Youth groups that participated in The Call Proposal for Financing of Youth Actions with the aim of enhancement of […]

13Jun 2013

Timok Youth Center was reelected as a representative organization of civil society organizations for the Coordinating Mechanism of Serbia – CCM for monitoring projects in HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis areas in Serbia, on a committee meeting held on June 12th 2013. This reelection allowed the Executive Director of Timok Youth Center Mr. Goran Radisavljević to maintain […]

11Jun 2013

At the start of 2013 Timok Youth Center implemented the project entitled ”The Knowledge Protects Young People from Fires” which aimed to educate young people on the risks and consequences of fires, as well as proper conduct in the case of the same. The project was implemented in partnership with Youth Office of The City […]