03Aug 2012

This was partner project with Resource Center Leskovac, that aimed to contribute to increase of support of European integrations among young people ages 15 to 25 from east and South through creation of informal network of peer educators that implement dispersion of information and knowledge on the advantages of membership in the EU among young […]

23Jul 2012

Overall goal of this program is to strengthen the capacities of young people, and to ease their access to global markets of creative products/services, both on local and regional levels – through: Increase of awareness levels on the importance and possibilities for local economic growth through creative / music industry; Increase of knowledge, skills and […]

11Jun 2012

Timok Youth Center was chosen alongside six organizations from Leskovac, Kruševac, Bor, Kladovo, Bujanovac and Vranje to coordinate “Let’s Clean Up Serbia“ – project that was implemented nationwide in Serbia on Saturday, June 9th 2012. This project was financed by Ministry of Environmental Protection, Mining and Space Planning.  

22May 2012

Timok Youth Center acted as a resource center for Zajecar district on the behalf of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Republic of Serbia, in order to encourage local Youth volunteer work and activism. Youth organizations and informal groups were encouraged and empowered to contemplate, prepare, write and implement volunteer actions. Open call proposal […]

21May 2012

As a part of the promotion of healthy life styles and AIDS/STD prevention among young people, TOC traditionally coordinates implementation of commemorative activities with other relevant local Youth organizations and organizations that work with young people.

02Apr 2012

Timok Youth Center provided technical and logistical support for the initiative created by Zaječar Touristic Organization through “Green Zaječar” action that was implemented on Saturday, March 31st 2012. This activity included planting 210 saplings in the Park Forest Kraljevica in Zajecar.

30Mar 2012

Timok Youth Center implemented local campaign “It’s Not Neighborly!” as a part of the project “Civil Society against Violence v2.0”. The campaign was implemented by ten civil society organizations from Belgrade, Novi Sad, Novi Bečej, Negotin, Zaječar, Bor, Jagodina and Niš. Their representatives were trained for the implementation of no/low budget online campaigns against all […]

07Mar 2012

The goal of Balkan Youth Conference was exchanging ideas and experiences in order to improve prevention programs in the region, to promote inclusive programs, improve the presentation of young people, especially those at risk, to promote good program examples of reducing youth at risk. The conference contributed to the development of partnerships and networking amoung […]

07Mar 2012

Group of civil society organizations gathered around joined cause in the implementation of project activities, in order to establish a permanent dialogue between young people and political office holders in Serbia, as well as decision makers regarding issues that are of importance to young people. Activities were implemented during the election campaign, and included organization […]

07Feb 2012

Timok Youth Centar after consultation with project partners decided to delay conference Youth at risk planned for Wednesday and Thursday, 8 and 9  February 2012. We have decided to do this because of bad weather , snow fall, and cold wave in the Balkans. Emergency situation is in all countries where the participants and speakers […]