In compliance with the programs and values of TOC, the objectives of the organization are:

  • improving the quality of life of young people and the creation of a stimulating environment for growth, development and active participation and representation of the interests of young people in society;
  • promotion and development of voluntarism;
  • development of decentralization as a basis for further political and economic development of Serbia;
  • strengthening of local economic development and improvement of employability of the young through creative industries and innovative approaches;
  • development of the young in the area of information technologies;
  • improving the safety of children and youth with special emphasis on the protection against internet violence;
  • promotion of healthy lifestyles, with special emphasis on reproductive health, prevention of HIV/AIDS and drug-addiction;
  • improvement of the position of sensitive and vulnerable groups in the society;
  • raising awareness of the need to protect and preserve the environment in the context of sustainable development;
    support the development of the creativity of the young and their
  • participation in the creation and use of cultural contents.