Three day training course Active citizens is organized by British Council and UK embassy in Serbia in cooperation with organizations CETRA from Pančevo, Timok youth centre from Zaječar, Handicapped students association and Accessibility revision association from Belgrade, and is dedicated to young people (18+) who want to contibute their local community, to those with less social oppurtinities, to young disabled people and to members and activists of youth office.

Training has been realized all over the world as a part of the same name project – Active citizens in organization of the British Council since 2009. This is the first year it is held in Zaječar in Prostor za pomak (Generala Gambete street, number 44, 8. floor) from 23rd to 25th of February 2018.

’’Active citizens’’ is training course dedicated to empowering society leaders which promotes intercultural dialogue and social development under community leadership. Program gathers together people with different beliefs and perspective as its aims are interactive studying and sharing knowledge and experiences. Participant will, through
interactive work, get to understand better their local community, position in region it has, and also work on upgrading it. It also builds up young people’s capabilities important for employmence on modern job market, and helps them to understand the institutions’s responsibilities due to young people’s needs and aspiration. ’’Active citizens’’ training is going to empower participants for participating in making decisions and activities organized in their local community.

During and after training participants are expected to be:

  • Motivated for activism and initialising local community upgrading
  • Empowered for planing local actions, organizating and implementing various organization and institution’s activities
  • Empowered for initialising and implementing activities in areas of youth politics
  • Food, work materials and transport(for participants from places near Zaječar) expenses are covered by the training organizers.

Project team provide support to those who need it, but can’t provide it by themselves: work materials with specific characteristics (based on previos needs – electronic, enlarged font, Braille), sign language interpreters and other kinds of support adapted to participate’s individual way of functioning (if it was emphasized in sign form).

Signed form need to be sent on email address by Wednesday, on 21. of February 2018. at 23:59 hours at the latest.

Chosen participants will be informed in Thursday, on 22. of February2018.