After the first training on the topic of writing of public policies, which was held in mid-June in Kladovo, for the past three days, from August 6th to 8th 2017, a training for public advocacy was held in the same city.

This training was also implemented as part of the Klick Green project, and was intended for representatives of associations, members of the network of East Serbia CSOs that deal with the environment.

During the training, participants had the opportunity to learn about public advocacy elements, develop a public advocacy strategy, define a problem, deeper understanding and analysis, the goal of the campaign, the target audience, the roles of different groups in the campaign, develop the power map. The third day of training was reserved for communication strategy and data visualization, communication channels and message creation. After the theoretical part, participants worked on mapping the problem in small groups, defined the target audience, and finally created a promotion plan for advocacy campaigns.

The training for public advocacy was held by Ana Pecarski and Deniz Hoti from the National Youth Umbrella Organization’s training pool

Timok Youth Center is one of the eleven organizations that received an institutional grant under the “Civil Society Support Program in Serbia in the field of environmental protection (CSOnnect)”, Regional Environmental Center for Central Eastern Europe – REC Office in Serbia, with financial support of The Swedish Agency for International Cooperation and Development and the Kingdom of Sweden. TOC is implementing this project in partnership with Resource Center Bor, Youth of JAZAS Pozarevac and Umbrella Youth Organization of Serbia.