Youth of JAZAS Kragujevac and partners organize traditional training for peer educators for HIV / AIDS.

Training for peer educators is an opportunity to meet your peers from Kragujevac, Novi Sad, Zajecar and Pozarevac, learn about HIV / AIDS, volunteering, gain communication skills, as well as skills for public appearance, group management, team work and more

Requirements for applying for the call proposal:

  • You are between ages of 15 and 17;
  • You live in one of the four partner cities or surrounding areas;
  • You are motivated to be a peer educator!

Peer education is a process of acquiring knowledge and skills development. It consists of training for peer educators and the peer education process.

The training itself lasts for five days (four nights), of intensive work. There will be up to 26 of your peers with whom you will go through the whole process.

The training will be organized in the period from August 21st to 25th Vrnjacka Banja.

Youth of JAZAS Kragujevac covers all expenses (travel, accommodation, sustenance, material, lecturers / trainers).

The implementation of peer education means that you will be teamed up with peer education partner, and with the support of one of the organizations (Youth of JAZAS Kragujevac, Youth of JAZAS Youth Novi Sad, Youth of JAZAS Youth Pozarevac, or Timok Youth Center – Zajecar) you will have a minimum of five education sessions at your school. For this you will have time by the end of November.

And after that? You are coming to Kragujevac in December to take your certificate!

Application for call proposal is open until August 10th at 23:59 CET!

If you need more information, ask us via Facebook Youth of JAZAS Kragujevac or call Luka at the following number 064 9663 704.

This is just a part of a project “Volunteerism: Rights and Responsibilitieswhich is implemented by the Youth of JAZAS Kragujevac, and financed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Read more about the project at Website of Youth of JAZAS Kragujevac.