Recognizing the importance and the need to improve the security position of young people in Zajecar, civil society organizations Timok youth center in March 2015 has begun realization of the project “Security of Youth in Zajecar”.
This project supported by The OSCE Mission to Serbia has the overall objective to improve citizen’s participation and the sensitivity of authorities in developing the concept of youth security in the community.
At the beginning of the project will be conducted research on the perception of the youth safety in Zajecar from the perspective of young people themselves. In parallel with this research a working group will be established to develop the strategy and following action plan for the youth security in Zajecar. The working group will begin its work after receiving the results of the research and it will be consisted of all relevant stakeholders, who are directly assigned to work with young people, as well as government representatives and the representatives of the public peace, law and order bodies The Strategy and action plan will be offered to the City administration and the Assembly for approval, implementation and monitoring of implementation.
After the working group create this document, in June 2015 will be organized street actions and public debate within which a wider round of active citizens, especially young people, will have the opportunity to become familiar with the strategy and to give their comments.
The target groups covered by this project is primarily young people aged 15 to 30 years, which according to the last population census in 2011 is about 11,000 in Zajecar, then the education structures, schools, faculties, security structures, local authorities and the media.
One of the tasks of the project is to strengthen the capacity of media reporting with the focus on significance of youth security in Zajecar, which shall be achieved through a one-day workshop that will be organized in May.
The main result of this project is that after the end of June 2015 platform for a constant dialogue between CSOs, citizens, local authorities and relevant stakeholders on addressing youth security in the community would be established.