On November 20th 2013, further activities of “Youth Career Development, Employment, Entrepreneurship Networking and Transfer” project were continued in the City of Zaječar.

After a three day training held at the end of October 2013 in Vidin, which was participated by 40 young people with tendency towards entrepreneurship from Zaječar and Vidin, currently undergoing are separate three-day trainings for participants from Zaječar and Vidin. On this training, with the assistance of expert lecturers, the participants will learn more on regulations, rules and business practices in Serbia, as well as to recap acquired knowledge from trainings held in Vidin. They will also have the opportunity to commence the work on their business plans.

In the upcoming period most motivated Young entrepreneurs will participate in a three-month Youth entrepreneurship mentoring program with expert consultants, in order to develop business ideas and receive guidelines for successful startup of their businesses. The participants will get the opportunity to present their ideas both to general public and potential financiers in December 2013 on First Job Event in Sofia, as well on International Youth Entrepreneurship Marketplace in Zaječar in March 2014.

This project is implemented by Timok Youth Center in cooperation with Bulgarian Foundation Kauzi from Sofia (leading partner) and Bulgarian National Association of Small and Medium Business.

The Project is co-funded by EU trough the Bulgaria–Serbia IPA Cross-border Programme, №: CCI No 2007CB16IPO006, and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.