As a part of the supporting program of the 47th Gitarijada in Zaječar, Irish Pub Rivendell hosted “Gitarijada Free Zone” program, which included panel discussion entitled “Rock against Hate Speech” – on the third day of the festival, 3rd August 2013.

The cause for this panel discussion was global campaign of Council of Europe entitled “No Hate Speech Movement” which is supported by the Republic of Serbia which formed National Committee that coordinates all online and offline campaign activities. The Campaign combats hate speech on Internet in all forms, including the ones that have greatest effect on Young People. In order to extend its reach among young people, one of the goals of the Campaign is to incorporate promotional activities on such events as music festivals.

Panel discussion was opened by the President of the Executive Board of Timok Youth Center, Mr. Ivan Živković. Timok Youth Center is involved in the implementation of national campaign against hate speech on Internet.  Mr. Živković introduced the campaign to the participants, and pointed out that hate speech on Internet finds its common place among everyday content such as comments accompanying YouTube videos. He also disclosed interesting fact that over 300.000 people has heard of Gitarijada Festival this year over Facebook alone, and invited present public to visit the Information Booth in the City Square to leave their anti-hate speech message with the volunteers and to receive campaign badge.

Dragutin Matošević, member of Gitarijada’s Selection Jury, has presented examples from his work on Web portals. Mr. Matošević also commented that even the best intents can create surroundings for release of personal frustrations, and that rapprochement of musicians and their fans on music festivals can help in diminishment of hate.

Branimir Bane Lokner, the president of Gitarijada’s Selection Jury, pointed to positive aspects of new Medias and their use for promotion of music materials, videos and events, as well as their misuse.

Listen to the sound recording of the discussion panel [Serbian language, 19 minutes].