At the start of 2013 Timok Youth Center implemented the project entitled ”The Knowledge Protects Young People from Fires” which aimed to educate young people on the risks and consequences of fires, as well as proper conduct in the case of the same. The project was implemented in partnership with Youth Office of The City of Zaječar, Department for Disaster Situations also known as Fire and Rescue Department of Zaječar, and Red Cross Zaječar, with the additional support of principals of Zaječar high schools, and was financed by The Ministry of Youth and Sports of Republic of Serbia.

Similar was the marking of International Environment Protection Day in Serbia, on June 5th 2013, in over of 50 municipalities and towns. It represented joined between the Sector for Disaster Situations of Police Department, Public Company Serbia Forests and The Ministry of Youth and Sports via Local Youth Offices.

In organization of Youth Office of City of Zaječar, the chief of Forrest Department Zaječar and the commander of Fire Department/Rescue Battalion Zaječar, held the lecture at the venue of Park Forrest Kraljevica in Zaječar, on the conduct in case of forest fires, as well as practical demonstration of putting out the same. The participants received Fire prevention brochures for young people.

Beside Timok Youth Center, the activities were supported by Scout Squad „Đorđe Simeonović“, which youngest members took active participation in education and practical exercise, and – with assistance and technical support of Anti Fire/Rescue Squad – have successfully extinguished controlled fire.