Press conference regarding the call Proposal for financing of Youth projects for Zaječar County was held on Monday, May 20th 2013 at ZA Media Center in Zaječar.

Mr. Nenad Borovčanin, the State Secretary of The Ministry of Youth and Sports of Republic of Serbia, has overviewed the opportunities offered to young people by The Ministry through its programs and activities. The emphasis was on the work of Youth Offices, as well as the cooperation with civil society organizations who apply for financial support of The Ministry for the implementation of their activities. Mr. Borovčanin has pointed out to the importance of encouragement of Youth activism and volunteer work, increase of mobility and cooperation of young people in the Region and throughout Europe, as well as development of capacities of young people to implement their ideas and apply with them with other donors.  The State Secretary has stated the activities of the National campaign against hate speech on Internet as well (such as promotion during the 144th Eternal Derby – traditional football match between Red Star and Partizan), and revealed that some of them are planned for the duration of 47th Gitarijada music festival. Mr. Borovčanin also announced public class of health and recreation in more than 100 schools in Serbia, which will be held on Wednesday, May 22th.

Mr. Ivan Živković, the President of the Executive Board of Timok Youth Center, has made the detailed presentation of Call Proposal for Financing of Youth projects for Zaječar County, and made the retrospective of activities that were implemented in Zaječar, Boljevac, Sokobanja and Knjaževac in 2012, as a part of the continuing program of The Ministry.

Mr. Goran Radisavljević, Executive Director of Timok Youth Center, has given the opportunity to announce the fore coming activities of our organization.  Timok Youth Center has issued an open call for all young people from Eastern Serbia which are interested in endorsement of basic human and minority rights and development of multi-ethnic dialogue, to apply for the participation in One-day seminar carried out by the organization Belgrade Open School – “Multicultural Dialogue in Serbia – A Bridge to Inclusive and Tolerant Communities“. Mr. Radisavljević also presented the activities planned for the “Youth Career Development, Employment, Entrepreneurship Networking and Transfer” project, which is co-financed by European Union through the IPА Program for Bulgaria-Serbia cross border cooperation, and pointed out that this project differs from similar Youth entrepreneurship projects because of its utilization of Creative Industries as a basis for growth of local economies.

Prior to press conference, Mr. Borovčanin has met with coordinators of local Youth offices and representatives of Youth organizations and organizations that work with young people from Zaječar County in the offices of Timok Youth Center. This meeting was arranged in order for the State Secretary to get acquainted with their work and to receive first hand information regarding mutual cooperation and experiences with The Ministry, local Youth problems and needs, as well as available solutions.