Resource Center of The Ministry of Youth and Sports of Republic of Serbia for Zајеčаr County, Тimоk Youth Center – ТОC, with the financial support of Ministry of Youth and Sports of Republic of Serbia is issuing an open call for financing of Youth projects with the aim of encouragement of activism and volunteer work among young people in Zaječar County.

In accordance with Youth Law and National Youth Strategy, Тimоk Youth Center as the Resource Center of The Ministry of Youth and Sports of Republic of Serbia for Zајеčаr County invites you to apply for the financing of Youth volunteer projects – as a part of “Young People are the Law” program.

If you are creative, daring, humane, if you stride to increase the quality of lives of your peers, as well as other populations in your local community, and are ages between 15 and 30, participate in the program that encourages Youth activism and volunteer work throughout Serbia!

Theme of call proposal
Call proposal is intended for creative young people that employ active Youth participation and volunteer work in order to:

  • Motivate other young people, and create environment and activities that lead towards active and creative passing of leisure time of young people;
  • Participate in renovation of public spaces that are utilized by young people in leisure time and/or used for organization of Youth activities;
  • Promote solidarity and humanness;
  • Promote understanding, tolerance and equal opportunities for young people;
  • Promote healthy lifestyles and safety of young people;
  • Participate in environment protection actions;
  • Set off entrepreneur spirit among young people;
  • Promote essential values of ЕU among young people.

Who can apply?
Call proposal is open for Youth organizations and informal Youth groups consisted of minimum of five members, such as elementary or high school parliaments, various Youth sections and other Youth groups from the territory of the Zајеčаr County. Informal Youth groups have to meet the requirement to include at least one adult member.

Notice: Would you wish to apply as registered Youth organization, Timok Youth Center as the Resource Center of The Ministry of Youth and Sports for Zајеčаrski County will guide you on how to successfully complete the registry procedure for The Unique Evidence of Youth Organizations, Organizations for Young People and their Associations administrated by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Republic of Serbia. In the duration of the program, it will be necessary for the organization to be registered in The Unique Registry in order to enter the procedure of selection of Youth volunteer projects that will be financed by The Ministry and Timok Youth Center. Informal Youth groups do not have to be registered in The Unique Registry.

How to apply?
You can apply by submission of application form in the duration of the call proposal (deadline is June 15th 2013, 23:59 CET) by E-mail:, or by Post to the following address: Тimоk Youth Center, Nikоlе Pаšićа St. Number 37, 19000 Zајеčаr, with indication: “Young People are the Law – Project Proposal Application“.

You can download guidelines for project proposal application and application form from our website: or from Youth Internet portal: For additional inquiries regarding application procedure contact Тimоk Youth Center by E-mail:, or by phone: +381 19 441 091.

Call Proposal is active from April 29th to June 15th 2013.

Get active!