Zaječar high school students participated on February 28th 2013 (during the 7th period) in applied drill of evacuation from school in the events of fire.

Basic idea behind the applied drill was the presumption that the ground floor of Medical School has caught fire, and that student could not be evacuated through hallways filled with smoke. The evacuation was conducted through the window by jump on air cushion or descend by ladders from the awning above the entrance. Medical unit was also included in simulation with demonstrations of first aid techniques.

Simulation was followed by the demonstration of proper fire extinguishing procedure of ignited petrol derivatives with the use of basic fire extinguishing apparatus – common for most households.

Participants were high school students that were instructed in procedures for protection from fires, as well as Timok Youth Center volunteers and Red Cross activists. Apart from anti-fire measures, high school students were instructed in other procedures regarding other disaster situations, such as floods and earthquakes. Lecturers included Branislav Matić – the commander of Fire Department/Rescue Battalion Zaječar, and his deputy Radoslav Ilić.

As a reminder for actions in disaster situations, Youth Protection from Fire Brochures were handed out to students, as well as Family Guide for Conduct in Disaster Situations. Also, the posters with correct procedures for cases of fire were put up at schools themselves.

The latest tragedies which threatened and/or sadly have taken away the lives of young people (the case of fire in the discotheque in Novi Sad, earthquake in Kraljevo, frequent floods in Zaječar) have shown that young people do not recognize the risks to their own safety and do not possess the knowledge how to react in the cases of disasters – which further indicated the lack of preventive education. This initiated the idea for Zaječar high school students to receive short course on proper conduct in cases of fire and/or other disaster situations. This was also an opportunity to promote safety culture and sector security among young people.

 “The Knowledge Protects Young People from Fires” project was implemented by Timok Youth Center – TOC, in partnership with Youth Office of City of Zaječar, Department for Disaster Situations also known as Fire and Rescue Department of Zaječar, and Red Cross Zaječar, with the additional support of principals of Zaječar high schools. Project was financed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Republic of Serbia.


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