Timok Youth Center, in cooperation with B92 Fund, Save the Children International and OAK Foundation, has organized 10th annual campaign for Safe Internet Day under the slogan “Connect with Respect”, on February 7th 2013 at the auditorium of Elementary Music School in Zaječar. The aim was promotion of safer and responsible use of online technologies and mobile Internet, especially among children and young people.

Timok Youth Center has spent this day in the company of young people from local elementary schools. The main topic was peer violence and cyber bullying, which was accompanied by screening of short films Tagged and Amanda Todd.

Tagged is a film that depicts the spread of influence of cyber bullying and the consequences caused by it in real life through the reconstruction of actual events.

Amanda Todd is a video footage uploaded on popular social network YouTube that depicts confessions of a young girl that committed suicide as a consequence of continuing bullying and other types of violence from her peers.

After the screening, Timok Youth Center Team has conducted discussion with elementary school children on the topics of bullying, online violence and proper use of Internet. They were advised on the possibilities and options to whom they can turn to receive advice and/or help and report cases of infliction and/or suffering of any kind of violence. Due to the interest of elementary school students regarding the topic and screened short films, Timok Youth Center will answer the their request and continue education in elementary and high schools as a part of Click Actual project, in order to increase prevention of violence among children.

Timok Youth Center has taken part in the implementation of a nationwide campaign against hate speech on Internet.

We use this opportunity to remind parents that they can download the brochure containing advices on how they can protect their children from harms on Internet.